How to make white underarms

A How to make white underarms for girls with black underarm problems As a chicken skin
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For girls who want to wear fashionable clothes that need to show under the arms. Would be worried about the black arm or as a chicken skin Are you?

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Because no one wants to raise arms. When Who saw, must say, damn Because it will make you lose yourselfSo to help your girl to show on the arms confidently Today we have a way to make underarms white. Not a chicken skin come deposit for everyone . Before going to know the solution We come to know the cause of the black underarms,As a chicken skin.

The main reason is that it comes from our daily lives, such as plucking – shaving armpits, dirty underarms. Or even heredity is also one of the reasons that makes armpits black and As a chicken skin as well.  For any girl who is having this problem, see how to deal with this problem?

1. Clean frequently

Shower every time. Girls must clean under the arms thoroughly. By rubbing soap and using luffa

Or sponge scrub under the armpit gentlyThis method will help exfoliate the skin and remove dirt  And if done regularly, the armpit skin will look white on its own.

2. Stop withdrawing or shaving under the arms.

To stop withdrawing or shaving armpit hair Considered as a solution to the cause

Observe that anyone who pulls the armpit often will be armpit, black, and as a As a chicken skin.

3. Underarm scrub with natural formulas

Each week, girls should scrub the underarm skin at least 1-2 times a week with natural formulas.

In addition to making the underarms gradually whiten up, the skin of the skin is smooth. Is also safe and makes the skin of the armpit more healthy as well. Girls can use lemon tamarind, tomato, papaya or cucumber, choose one to scrub the armpits regularly. Underarm certification

Will be whiter faster, of course

4. Apply cream under the arms.

The skin under the arms is needed Nourishing like other skin types as well. Girls, if want armpits, white quickly Try to buy and use it. But must choose a cream that is standard and safe too.

5. Make armpit laser white

Underarm laser treatment is the most effective way to make white armpits It also helps to make the underarms smoother faster. Important also helps hair Up slowly or without hair too. Girls, however, may be a little expensive.

This is how to make the armpit white. Not a chicken skin  When knowing the secret Any girl who is having problems Don’t forget to do. Ensure that in a day you will be able to show under the arms confidently.

Mamala Virgin Deo White Plus is a product of Thailand, that is manufactured and distributed by Medma Health Group Co. Ltd. that is  Solving your underarm problems. Contents of a jar weighs about 10 grams, which contains the following ingredients: Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Allantoin, Gigawhite, Gluthathione, Cucumus Sativus Extract, Emblica Extract, Niacinamide, Pearl Powder, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Barbedensis Leaf juice and Aqua.