methodfix the problemBody odor

The smell can be considered Is a sign that shows the personality and identity of that person very well But if the smell from the body is an unpleasant smell then Can create embarrassment for both those around you and the smell owner.

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Cause of body odor

1. Sweat glands in the body The body has 2 sweat glands, including the eccrine gland, which is an odorless sweat gland. Usually in different parts of the body and will produce perspiration that looks like water. This type of sweat will be expelled when doing heavy activities or in hot weather.

This is to help maintain a stable body temperature and apocrine glands which are sweat glands that have a smell. Which usually spread somewhere in the body. Especially according to the pores on the scalp that will have the most Followed by underarms, groin, buttocks and backThis type of sweat will have a transparent, wax-like appearance.

Contains a lot of fat ingredients That makes this kind of sweat out of time will cause unpleasant odors.



2. Some foods, such as spices and foods that have high choline, such as meat, liver, eggs, plants, pods, garlic, onions Bean curd, cilantro, ham, tuna, etc. Including food that is spicy

The mastermind causes unpleasant odors. Because it makes the sweat glands drive more fat out Especially under the arms

And most importantly, causing residues in the intestine Makes the sweat smell unique

Which people who eat a lot of these foods will have a very strong smell, such as people, guests or Indian people who eat spices and curry almost every day

3. Too much cleaning

Yes … You can’t read it wrong. Because cleaning at “Too much” can make your body smell worse.

Such as using antibacterial soap or using scrub to remove dirt for too long And some people even use repeated scrubbing alcohol That may cause your skin to dry and crack It causes your body to sweat more to fight. Because the body lacks too much moisture

4. Emotion (Stress, anger or shock) Many people may not know that emotions. Is another reason that causes unpleasant body odor Causing sweat glands to sweat more than usual.

You may see some people sweating under the armpits, groin or hands.Before or during the mission

Something important Such as preparing a presentation Job interview, entrance examination etc.

That is because he has stress and pressure.Thus causing the body to produce a lot of sweat And how much more sweatWill sendThe smell disturbed many people as well.

5. Hormones, especially during adolescence There will be many hormonal changes. Therefore may cause body odor as well

6. Caused by genetic or abnormalities of the body May cause sweating that can cause body odor, such as system defects Burn some food Or enzyme digestion system.

Causing the body to create some chemicals that smell and expel through sweat

7. Some diseases may cause sweating and cause body odor such as Brain disease, heart disease, tuberculosisEven in the age of menopause.